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Papercutting, Bookmaking, Installation, Paper creations 

Available for projects, collaborations, displays and experimentation

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Papercutting, Bookmaking, Installation, Paper creations 

Available for projects, collaborations, displays and experimentation

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I am a paper artist. I love the versatility of the material and the transformative nature of the craft - using an everyday material and making it into something beautiful and valued. 

In its restrictive nature, the sharp monochrome forms of paper art channel me to find inspiration in symbolism, silhouette and symmetry. These sharp forms mark the divide between paper and no paper, positive and negative space, light and dark. I need to think about how I create my shapes and designs and how the paper will stay in one piece. I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales and now live on the edge of the Peak District. I have spent my life immersed in nature and I am always seeking more knowledge of the world around me. This forms a large part of the inspiration for my work. I am inspired by the wider context of the nature around us, its history and the stories we have formed through our relationship with it. I often explore the themes of traditional folk stories, historic art styles from different times and places and vernacular art and motifs.

My work is all drawn and designed by me and hand cut with a Swann - Morton scalpel.

I always strive to expand my repertoire and work with new stlyes and forms. I am currently exploring new avenues with my paperwork. I am teaching myself to make books and to create patterned paper with block pattern printing. I am experimenting with much larger, installation pieces and 3D work. 



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Meet The Team


Steve Hogarth

Master frame maker & woodworker

Problem solver, ideas guru, calm presence, snack bringer, tandem captain to my stoker and all round splendid chap

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Elin Price

Paper artist

Taller than average. Mildly dysfunctional. Lover of books, archaeology, trees, thick socks, mud, knitwear, a good sharp knife, spaghetti, dogs, beer, peanut butter, cheese, vegetables, tandem bicycling. 


Dynamite & Red

Studio companions


Bringers of love and adventure

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