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New Mills Lantern Procession 


This 8m long dragon was my contribution to the New Mills Lantern Procession. The Lantern Procession is a fantastic local event which comes at the end of the brilliant month long New Mills Festival.


The Torrs, which is a deep rock gorge that splits the town, are filled with fire and giant lantern sculptures. Thousands of people parade through the Torrs along flame lined paths carrying their own lanterns to the sound of drums. It's very magical. It takes many volunteer hours to organise and marshal. I was very glad to be able to contribute just a little bit to the display.


For this dragon I decided to make him a bit Anglo-Saxon in design, with all the spirals, four legs and long slightly 'wyrm-y' body. It's made by cutting out the dragon design from lots of black paper and then gluing and pinning it to the back of very large canvases. A light was then placed behind the canvas to shine through it and create a shadow screen. I really enjoyed making it, it was good fun working on something so big.


My contribution to the Lantern Procession also included four separate shadow screens. The theme of the festival this year was 'the elements'. I came up with a design of hands 'holding' the elements. Apart from just being a pretty design, I also wanted them to be a small reference to our stewardship of the earth and also say something about our own potential and inner strength. Anyway, they turned out alright!


Sorry for the odd mix of photos, I failed to get particularly decent ones on the night. The last 'wind' papercut is before it was fully finished and glued on.


Chatsworth Country Fair


31st August, 1st and 2nd September 2019

I displayed a range of my nature papercuts and associated postcards over the three days of the fair. I was placed in the fishing village and I had a great time.

Sett Valley Cafe Christmas Market


November 2018

I had a stall at the first christmas market organised by the Sett Valley Cafe. I had a few paper cuts and lots of my watercolour illustrations and lino prints.

I was also lucky to get Steve to share a corner of my stall and he displayed a few beautiful boxes and frames

New Mills Art Trail


September 2017

I was chosen to be one of the many artists who got to fill a business window in New Mills with work. This event is part of the New Mills Festival and lasts a month. Its a really lovely idea and it transforms the whole town into a gallery. 

I was put into the two windows of the Music Studio. I created paper cuts inspired by the flora and fauna of the Peak District.