A collection of ideas, experiments and random themes


Dormouse ornament
Badger ornament
Otter ornament
Fox ornament
Fastnet Lighthouse
Chick Embryo
Chick Embryo
Venetian Window
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Dippy Egg


Women of Britain

My paper cut of Eleanor of Aquitaine is the start of quite a large collection of pieces dedicated to the women of Britain. This is meant in part as a celebration and a recognition, I want to give some notable woman a bit of exposure with the help of pencil and paper. I am choosing women from history, from mythology and from literature - all of whom have had a part to play in British culture, and many have not the place in our curriculum and appreciation that they deserve. This is not meant as union jack waving propaganda, the project may expand. It is also to challenge myself to create pieces that are different from my usual work and incorporate some of my interest in history.